Elliptical Machines Keep You In Shape

Published: 07th March 2011
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If you are looking for a great way to exercise your heart and get healthy, the elliptical machine is an excellent way to get into shape. Elliptical trainers offer a total health benefit for all fitness levels, and is not only the most used exercise equipment at the gym, it is ideal for use at home.

There are many benefits to using an elliptical machine including:

* Healthier Heart: Everyone strives for a healthier heart, and using an elliptical machine will improve blood circulation, and increase your body's oxygen levels. This results in healthier, stronger lungs and heart.

* Low Impact: Elliptical machines are simple to use and with no direct impact on joints. This is ideal for a person with injuries or conditions that would eliminate high-impact exercises such as running or aerobics. Your feet simply move in a gliding motion on the stationary platform while moving your arms simultaneously, with no impact to any parts of the body.

* Whole Body Workout: With the elliptical, you are working you lower and upper body at the same time. You work the chest, shoulders, arms, back, and legs all while getting a low-cardio workout. If you were running outside or using a treadmill, you would only be working on the leg muscles, even though you were still getting a cardio workout.

* Weight Loss: While using one, you are using less effort, but you will begin to notice that you are burning more calories the more you use the machine. You are toning muscle over the majority of the body, and research has shown that is takes more calories to maintain muscle than fat.

With the use of an elliptical machine, you will burn more calories, lose weight, be heart healthy, and best of all you will have a toned body.

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